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I've been a purging mode today.  Cleaned out some clothes I will never wear again...old or falling in the category of "What was I thinking?".  Next thing to get a going through was the following....
Baskets and bags of yarn and tools and ideas left to sit for years.   The Afgan book is from the early 70's...it cost 75cents.  I don't think I've used it yet..
The embroidery bag contains everything I need to make a cross stitched birth sampler for my son.  It has part of his name on it and his weight....He is now 23.
What projects do you have sitting and waiting....and waiting..and waiting.

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Oh, I don't think I have an issue, or anything.....in 1969 I bought three wooden wagon kits, and put them together. I still have them.

About four years ago I found that these same wagons kit were being offered on eBay, so I bought another 319 or so of them....so I'd have something to do in my spare time.
What do they look like? How big are they?

Why? Because I couldn't find any more Rolling Stones vinyl LPs to add to my collection of 154 different ones.
You have 154 Rolling Stones LP's? Cool. My brother would have been jealous...

And, the wagons are adorable!
Thanks Quinn, those three wagons are the ones I built in 1969.
Very cool Stir....are they for sale?
I have a basket with a half of a wool scarf and one quarter of a turtleneck sweater, and a dozen 6 inch squares that will someday be a blanket [hahaha]
Fabric to make a bathroom curtain and two skirts are in the same basket.
A watercolor painting, still not finished bothers me the most.
I don't have any unfinished projects because I am good at throwing things like that away but my garage is full of crap that "I might need that one day". The day has never come that I needed something and said I have one of those in the garage. No wait yes it did last summer when I needed a new lawnmower blade. I know I had one in the garage but hell if I could find it.
Sometimes I worry if I'm a skip and a jump away from hoarding....No, not really....I''m too poor for that but I do wonder....I have loads of empty cardboard boxes in the basement. No, I do not save foil or wrapping paper....;-)
hahaha.... my grandmother saved foil, and wrapping paper! She was a hoarder for SURE. And I don't fall far from the tree, I'm afraid. I'm in a major paring down mode, Jaylee, so maybe we can support each other thru this. I even have a schedule. I want to be done 5 weeks from this weekend, so I'd say I'm now at 4 weeks & 6 days.
I've moved from a 3,000 sq ft home to a 1,600 sq ft home to an 800 sq ft apt. in the last year and a half. Plus I have a lot of belongings that were my grandmother's & some more that were my mother's. WAY too much stuff. And now I have great motivation to unpack, sort, clean out, give away, throw away or sell - the goal is to PARE DOWN significantly. And I'm actually excited about it. So... I'll probably be shooting you a PM to see if you'll let me check in w/you to keep me on track. Unfinished projects? Well, I'll let you know as I uncover them. '-)
Why do we hold onto that stuff?
2 years after my Mothers death, my sister and I are looking at the things we kept of hers and asking, "What were we thinking?"




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