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How do we describe TBD to someone who doesn't know it? What's special about this place?


If TBD is going to thrive, it  - we - need to present ourselves as we would like to be seen.  We have a badge that can be posted on other sites we visit, but what does it say?  "TBD is a home for TBD members." Well, um, okay. I think we can do better than that at welcoming others.   


Let's hear everyone's suggestions. and put together an image that will not only attract newcomers, it will make us proud(er) to be a part of TBD.

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"All your base are belong to us."

I like it funes. I really, really like it....lol If I might just add this preface to make everyone feel a little more welcome.

"Hello please.........All your base are belong to us". Whatcha think people ?? :)
Two Big D's?
No worries, I've got enough butt for the 3 of us. We'll offer a 3-for-1 deal.
TBD- "The Phoenix of the 40 and over online community". This could lead to an incredibly cool badge as well.

Perhaps "TBDonNing" in between the wings? Slayer could probably come up with something better. I'm just considering an eye catching badge.
Old enough to know better?
lol! I like that, PA...

Old enough to know better & wise enough not to care. '-)

The Beef Department

Two of my ladies on the farm Cowgirl and Pru the cows.
I really like the "Phoenix" part....
TBD should be prevalent...just add to that....I'll get back to you....
Speaking strictly as a member, I would hope we could find a way to tie to the past. To be honest I'm not crazy about the phoenix. Maybe we could use parts of this.

I don't mean the whole thing. Maybe the motto and change it to A Social Community for Grown Ups
I just believe a badge has to be simple.




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