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Hi everyone!

I've been perusing the list of members for familiar faces, friendly face, new friends and in doing so I'm finding a lot of the people are maybe ...uh, no longer active and haven't been so in a long time ? I hesitate to send an invite or friend thingy when someone looks like they'd be big fun only to finally go through their page and see that the last postings were so long ago ?

Is there anyway other than going through the members by the most recent additions to tell if someone is active...and what constitutes an active member ? Not trying to be nosey, I know people wander away, get busy and the like ...but I thought maybe if there was a way to distinguish those that have 'left the building' so to speak ?

Thoughts from anyone ?

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I'm not positive, but I doubt there is a way to tell which members are still active. That is, other than checking each profile for activity, which sounds like what you have done. I just don't think there is an "active member" list. 

Thanks Tee! I dunno if it would be possible to do or if site wise it's just not doable....hmmm still wondering but I guess I will have to hunt through the profile(s) to get a feel if they're 'active'...

if you feel them, they may get active....that could be a test

Love that !

....ok, wait, where are you? There. ok. touchdown ! Whoo Hoo !


If you click on the tab at the top of the page that says "members", you'll pull up several pages of profile pictures.  The first nine pages of that are all of our most recent members.  They are likely to be some of your friends and the most active posters.  Members that have been here a while were active on only a few groups: This is one, the main page forum, Moosie's crossing, Wall of Gratitude, Armadillo Muse Ranch and some of the photography groups.  Most of the other groups have been inactive for a very long time.  Some have only recently become active again.

Oh ok Eddie, thankyou,...duh, yeah I remember doing that when I first arrived here on earth lol, I mean here. Ok and I think I'll take the advice of ProblemAgain and reach out, see what comes back.....maybe I'll start trouble, I mean a group too lol !

Peace everyone, i appreciate the input !

I am still here, just been busy on the farm.

Do you grow crops in the snow?  I saw pictures of Dallas.  They got more than we did!!




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