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Pru's "Genetically Famous?" thread got me to thinking about famous people I've rubbed elbows with here & there along my journey thus far.

How about it - what famous people have you rubbed elbows with?

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LMAO!!!! You poor thing, you.... lol
Several years ago, Tom Atkins subbed as a bowler in the league that George and I belonged to. Very nice man.

We have also met Larry Kremis, Kittycat and 1GreatLady53! Had a great time with them, and like TeeBubbaDee said, they are some pretty impressive people!
If we are going to talk TBD people. I met Kittycat, Larry and Kainsworth. All are great people.
You're pretty great yourself. And even better looking in person.
While just doing my job I met Gene Roddenberry (Creator of Star Trek) and Pearl Bailey (God rest their souls).
Because of where I live and some of my past jobs I've met and talked to a ton of actors, and musicians, too many to list. I am not star struck, but one meeting that stands out for me, I was doing a job for Bill Withers, and I was a huge fan of his music. He invited me and my helper into his home studio, showed us what he was working on. He even played and sang a tune on his acoustic guitar, and he shared a bottle of Sangria with us....
That's awesome, Jack...:)
I once stood beside Bobby Ray Inman while peeing in a urnal. I once flew from Miami to Panama sitting in first class and talking with Mr. Davis, the US Ambassador to Panama. I briefed Alexander Haig when he was Supreme Allied Commander of Nato. Guess thats about it. Oh, I know Prunella Farquar. She kept my dog for a week while I went off to Utah with some rowdy buddies. And I've met 50 other TBDers.
Robbie, I think you beat all tbd'ers for meeting other tbd'ers. I've met a bunch, but not nearly 50. A count.... CuppaJoe, Coral, Odee, Rebellin', Janne, Long Kayak, RBAM, Mikey880, Mike Moff, MellyMel, Katidid... and Ducatiman.
A dozen, if I haven't overlooked anyone. And I very NEARLY met Pru, but not quite!
Keannu(sp) Reeves and Gus Van Sant back when Gus Van Sant was filming Drugstore Cowboy in Downtown Portland,Oregon.My friend Tracy Hay was Van Sants property manager or something at the time. Ended up going to see Reeves' band DogStar perform at a small gig with the three of them.
Is Keannu as beautiful-looking in person as he seems on the screen?
Twenty years ago he was.




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