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Anybody here familiar with Knoxville?

I'm being transfered there next week. The RV park is about 10 mi out of Knoxville. The address is Heiskell. It's just off I-75 North of Knoxville. If anyone is familiar with the area, give me the skinny.

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Well, since only Kooner and I are on line and I think she is taking a nap. Guess i'll wait. Hum,m Kooner and I alone together, this could get interesting.
sounds good to me. Should I bring herring?



Steer away from this scenario, Robbie.

I have passed through there many, many times but never really spent muchtime there. It is a big time college town. The University of Tennessee is there and if you are still there in the fall you can join the 104,312 people at the Neyland Stadium. Football is a religion. The Great Smokey Mts. National Park is only about 20 miles away and it is a beautiful place if you can get through all the tourist traps on the way in.

Judy Wright, if you remember her lives somewhere around there.

Welcome to Tennessee.


I think Judy is still on face book. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to do facebook.

As for the football. I have lived primarily in West Virginia and Texas so, I know the difference between football and fushball.

Yeh, Stir,  Thanks for the heads up. I won't go near any rivers.

The only time I was there it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity....I found out why ladies carry hankies...to mop the sweat off their face. 


I drive through Knoxville a couple of times a year going camping/trout fishing/kayaking/whitewater rafting/hiking, in the Mts. Rarely stop except to eat or get gas. If any of the afore mentioned activities interest you, then you will be in a convenient  location. If you have a aversion to traffic and crowds, like me, avoid places like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, which can be a nightmare in the summertime. The Smokey Mt. National Park is the most visited park in the country, but it is a big park and it is fairly easy to avoid the hot spots. I normally camp in Reliance Tn. or Bryson City NC. and stay away from the busy north side.
Like WOB I drive through there to get to the mountains. They have finally fixed the bottleneck on I40 in the middle of town so driving through is much easier.
Is that where the government keeps all the gold?
I don't think so but most of the orange is there. A rather tacky color that is worn by at least two out of every 3 people there.

That would be Fort Knox, Kentucky.

and yes the football fans are rabid there.




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