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I've seen a couple site that are talking about the site shutting down at the end of June. Is this still in effect? If so, where will all of you be going?

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You might check the year on those posts.  I haven't heard anything about it...and I'm the owner.  (We're always the last to know).

unless it could be a multiple personality thingie...8)))))))

Yeah EddieDingo, way to go!  U set us all straight - it's your site & it will keep on past the 2nd star on the right & onto infinity :)

Eddie is the best!!

What TeeBubba siad. Eddie if yuo need any $ for site fees just say so ok?

I'm also in for donating $$ if need be.

I've donated before, and I'll donate again. 

I have a cow named Pru that will donate her calf to the cause.


Hi to everyone, I've just tonight joined this Group

and I wonder if I could ask;

Is EddieDingo a male or female, and -

 since we have Dingoes over here is Ozz (Australia),

I wonder if there is a story behind that part of the name ?




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