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I've seen a couple site that are talking about the site shutting down at the end of June. Is this still in effect? If so, where will all of you be going?

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Oh, I hope not; I really like this site!

I know nothing.

michael, I for one, am not going anywhere! I would greatly appreciate you let us know where your information has come from. I'm pretty sure that our funding may run out at about that time, BUT, this site has been funded with member donations twice in the past, and I a POSITIVE, that if needed, it will be funded in the future. 

Thank goodness for all your reply's. I was worried for a minute there. I told someone a couple months ago that I would be willing to chip in if it comes to that.

anyway, thanks.

I'll chip in. Wood chips, concrete chips, plastic bingo chips. Don't even matter. But I got more wood chips than anything. Pine, oak, cedar. Cedar is more valuable. Don't ya just love painkillers? Except for typing.

I have lots of cow chips.

Aggie, if you really have cow chips, have you ever used them as frizzbees? When I was a kid, we'd do it all the time. When dry, they are light weight and fly easily. Good cheap fun!

ya, but never try to pick up a fresh one.

How about some potato chips. I am hungry.

I would still really appreciate to know where this info came from michael.

Tee, it came from one of the sites written by someone in charge, I guess. She said she didn't want to do it anymore and was done with it at the end of june. Based on what you've said, it may have been written before things were ironed out. Anyway, I'll try to find it again or another that said basically the same thing and let you know.

Have a good evening.

Thank you michael. Any info concerning the demise of this site concerns me deeply. Rumors of this site dying in the past have led to members, many who were my friends, to leave prematurely, when there was no real threat. (think My Atlantis, and ThinkBeDo) Both of those sites were set up as a refuge for members in case of an end here, that never occurred. The result of those rumors was an exodus of members, so I am very concerned about any thing that may have an affect on what I think of as my online home. 





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