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........today I could hear a guy's cell phone ring in his closed up car on the street, while I was sitting on the patio of the rib joint about 60 feet away.....yet 25 years ago when I was married, I couldn't hear my wife, walking right next to me in the mall, saying "oh look, new purses in that store....lets go in for a sec"?

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Oh, I get it now!
OK, here we go again, I know someone has heard me say this before.

If a man voices his opinion in the woods and no woman is around to hear him, does it automatically mean that he is wrong?
Thank you, Merry.
A man doesn't have an opinion till a woman gives him one....in the woods or out...
I don't know if he'd be automatically wrong, but he might be considered a selfish, uncaring, clueless jerk, and he might want to head for the garage until things cooled down a bit.




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