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So, will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day?  Are you Irish, or part Irish?  "Come sit down here with us, and tell us your story".*

As near as I can figure, I'm, at the most, 1/8 Irish....I had a great-grandpa named Burke, but I don't know if he was of full Irish extraction.

I might actually be Scotch.....I won't pay good money to eat cabbage in a restaurant.

About forty years ago, I drank so much green beer on St Pattie's Day that I did a high velocity hurl right on the table in the bar.  I haven't been back there since.

Erin go Bragh!  I don't even know if I spelled that right, and I don't know what it means.

I once had a boss, surnamed Duffy, who dubbed himself "a funloving Irishman".  He usually had several martinis for lunch, in the Mediteranian Room at the bar next to our office.

I learned from D.D. Olson that today is St Urho Day.  He's da patron saint a' Finland, eh?


*that's a line from a Willie Nelson song, 'Yesterday's Wine'.  Willie is known as "the red headed stranger".  Maybe he's Irish.


Regardless of what you is, I guess we all can be Irish tomorrow, if we want to be.


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I don't know why this song is associated with the Irish, but the only time I hear it is St Patricks Day. It brings back fond memories of getting a pub full of drunks to sing-along and do the hand motions that go with the song :-)))



Could it be that the Irish Rovers sang the song? I know the hand motions. Can we all do them together.

That is the Irish Rovers.

Aren't the hand motions hysterical??!!??


Here's my fav Irish Rovers drinking song...


for those that aren't in the loop

The Rovers made it their own!

I'm Scotch-Irish from the Haverfield family...History dating back to the 1700's.....Will try to gather some history together later or Friday......Might be good to have it in my computer for quick reference anyway...some interesting stuff......


Zero, zilch, nada..........
The Pogues be trippin....I like all the good Irish bands......
At least he has a head.......
No Irish in me, but I am Irish by association - one of the surnames in George's family is Flanagan.  He and I will both be wearing green tomorrow.
Try to limit your consumption of the green beer to a respectable amount, Goldi!




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