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The oil leak in the Gulf has stopped. We're still holding our breaths apparently,
hoping it will hold, but it's held for over 4 hours now (@ 7:30pm, est on 7/15).

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Let's hope it holds until they can get the relief well finished and finally have a permanent solution to the leak. Of course the clean up will go on for years. Lets hope everybody learns a lesson from this but I am not sure many will in the long run.
It's a start, did you also hear that the Lockerbie terorist was released from prison so BP could get drilling rights in Libya.
I do hope this cap holds until they can kill this well. Havinmg said that, this company must go away in my opinion. This will take decades to remeadiate if ever.
Here are the numbers as of today.

-85 days, 16 hours and roughly 25 minutes: Number of days that oil gushed into the Gulf.

-184 million: Estimated number of gallons of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20.

-572: Miles of Gulf Coast shoreline currently oiled.

-2,700 square miles: Size of the visible slick of surface oil

-83,927 square miles: Size of the area still closed to fishing.

-31.8 million gallons: Amount of oil-water mix recovered.

-1.82 million gallons: Amount of dispersant chemicals applied to help break up the oil.

-$336 million: Market value of the spilled oil.

-$3.5 billion: Amount that BP PLC has spent on the response

Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/07/15/1368616/a-by-the-numbers-look-at-the-...
I agree, Bull...this company must go away. There probably should be charges of some kind filed. I hope for the sake of all those affected by this gross negligence that BP will be forced to make all whole again, or at least to as whole as possible.
Unfortunately Bob having known people effected by the Exxon spill in Alaska, I don't know if anything can make them whole. I don't know how you bring back a way of life, which is what has been devastated.
And the rich, will keep getting richer, with absolutely no consideration for the environment or us. Just ask Congress that got a 5% raise, while the rest of the country is scrambling to get a job. Guess we can all blame the Unions, huh?
Only the Republicans blame the unions for everything and I am not one of those.
Me neither, PA.
Thank you for the alert, DG. A drop of good news in an ocean of bad. I hope it holds.

p.s. Me neither, and this is the first I've heard that Congress is unionized. Heh.
I thought that it was a "Wait & See" declaration, not to be verified until the well reaches full pressure. They're still "running tests", last that I heard. Can't IMAGINE anything else going wrong with these numbnuts in charge...
I just heard that they're not going to "cap" it, but they're going to "tap" it. Sounds like they're going to keep playing.
Well, Gee......wouldn't want to possibly leave a dime laying at the bottom of the Gulf, now would we???
Nope. Let's bury a few of the BP people at the bottom, along with some of our government idiots who let it go on this long.




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