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She keeps it a secret because she's getting so old.  ;-)  



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I was kinda worried about you waistline Q. I figured you would want to look good in a bikini when you come to Fl.

Well, I'm glad you're cutting her calories. She can wear the bikini while we're in FL.

The thought of ME wearing a bikini.....


I am sure you both would look good in bikinis. I was planning on wearing my speedo.

I was kinda hoping for skinny dipping. (not you P. A.)

No offense, P.A., but I'm guessing I'd look as good in a bikini as you'd look in a speedo.


And please, gentlemen.....



This raises a whole new topic of conversation...when, if ever, are you too old to wear something?

I've been too old to wear a bikini since my 20's.

...and I haven't worn a bikini since my 20's.



...who needs a bathing suit, right, Teebs? 

You are only too old if you think you are. If you have the body and the build for a bikini or a speedo, go for it. I never did have a bikini body so it was never an option for me.
Trust me, Rita. Me in a bikini would not be a pretty sight!! :-P
I'll be the judge of that.
Rita my concern, w/the people at THIS meetup, is that we'll start drinking Margaritas & our clothes will fall off!!

Well if they "fall off," that would be accidental, right?  ROFL





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