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Don't ya just hate it when you drag somethin' home from the beach....

.......and later wonder "what the heck was I thinkin'"?



Attachment 1 is a cool looking stone I photographed at a Lake Michigan beach yesterday.


Attachment 2 is a picture of the same stone at my house a few minutes later.  Cool looking?  No, not so much.


I think I'll return it to the wild where it can thrive.



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Buy a rock polishing kit. Polish it all up and drill a hole at one end of it, a hole big enough for a large silver chain to go through. You could wear it as a necklace with your wifebeater shirts. Better than a necktie.
Do ya mean like some of that big gaudy turquoise jewelry that tourists to Arizona buy, Lar?
I had an image of Gary with a big chain like one of the Rap Stars. Stir MC or Ice Stir or fifty stir or whatever stir.
How 'bout "Biggy Stir" or "Vanilla Stir"? LOL!
"Stir Mix-A-Lot". I can't believe I was the first one to think of that.
It works for me, yo!
Stir Mix-A-Lot

You are truly worthy, O Mixmaster.
Reply by PA 5 minutes ago
Stir Mix-A-Lot

I LOVE IT? :-)))

[morning PA]
Good morning Quinn




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