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Don't ya just hate it when you drag somethin' home from the beach....

.......and later wonder "what the heck was I thinkin'"?



Attachment 1 is a cool looking stone I photographed at a Lake Michigan beach yesterday.


Attachment 2 is a picture of the same stone at my house a few minutes later.  Cool looking?  No, not so much.


I think I'll return it to the wild where it can thrive.



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I'm afraid my cats would would have a zen-like experience in there, and then cover it up!
Your rock needs a job, like being a doorstop or paperweight. And maybe a little polish.

I can see why you took it home - it was beautiful on the beach. We've all had that experience of something looking better before we brought it home...
Like the old song..."The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time."
Let's just hope that the poor thing hasn't suffered any irreversible emotional trauma after being torn from it's home and then lugged around in your pants pocket for a couple of hours. Hopefully it will re-acclimate, unless you're just going to throw it at your neighbor's kids.
Tsk, tsk. Bob, Bob, Bob......

Good one Cowboy...!
Put it in a fish tank. It will always be wet and pretty. You don't even have to get fish, you can make it a rock tank.
If you have a small water garden, you could put the stone on the edge of that. That stone should be kept wet to show its colors best.
That's the secret. What if you oiled it?

*I hope that wouldn't clog its pores and suffocate it!*
Bad man....you killed it....;-(
I'm not going to try and sugar coat it....
Uh, maybe I could give it artifical perspiration....
Catch and release!




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