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Thanks Bull. I didn't even double check.
I love the photo on the park bench :-D

I'm going to pass. For the most part I'm guessing camping would be involved. Why would I want to do that??
I think you would look good in one of those Quinn and your could wear it in a 5 star hotel or even at home.
That is terrific! Think of the fun you could have in it.

Why not use this thread for other cool and dispensable goodies? There are so many things out there! Wasn't it Darroll who put up the computer beer dispenser the other day?

Here, I found it:

Oh, I'll drink to that! Good find, Kain!
And hopefully by the end of the night when your boobs are completely deflated, everyone is too drunk to notice.
Too many campers have guns anymore. "Look what I bagged."
"Look what I bagged -"

...a bag!
Uh, no thanks....I'll pass.
On which one?
(Bet you'd take the beer dispenser, if not the bear bag or the wine rack...)




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