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I'm not very good at malls any time of the year, but avoid them especially around Christmas time.  I've gotten very good at 'one click' shopping on Amazon.  I'm nearly finished with all my gifts for this year.  I know other people enjoy going out to the shops and experiencing all the sensory joys of browsing through sales and special offers.  I even have one friend who likes to shop on-line and then enjoys just taking a day to go to the mall and stroll around watching the people, listening to the carols, waving to Santa and enjoying the sights and smells that you only get from a genuine 3-D shopping trip...but without the pressure.

How do you handle holiday shopping?

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I love Amazon Prime, I wish I could wrap all the things I send however that free 2 day shipping is a winner for me. I haven't been to a mall for years. In the past I liked to shop and creative stores and send things, the shipping costs were a killer since most of my gift giving goes to other states.

I only have one to "shop" for....my mother.  This year I'll probably just give her money, in a Christmas card. 

I love going to the Malls and checking out all the decorations,etc. However I do a lot of online shopping.It is fun to see smiling faces for a change. I hope everyone has a wonderful "Merry Christmas".

I handle holiday shopping the same way I handle shopping all the rest of the year:  I hate it & complain loudly whenever I have to do it.

I am a clicker. The only drawback is making sure nobody steals them off the porch. One year UPS left all our gifts next door, while the people who lived there were in Puerto Rico. They finally came home just before Christmas and called us.

It depends.

Some stuff should be generic enough that ordering online is fine. But, that's not always the case. My wife ordered skinny jeans for our grandson in 3T size, and when they arrived, they were shorter than a 2T size he already has. One pair was made in Honduras, the other in Paraguay. I guess kids in Paraguay are shorter than the kids in Honduras.

Others stuff, I wanna hold in my hands, There is just some stuff I want to feel, hold, check out, turn upside down, and if possible, stick my nose into before I buy. 

I have a short list.  I will probably  shop a "theme" gift this year and call it good.   I do like the idea of going to the mall and wandering, watching, listening just for a bit then call it good. 

I prefer to downplay the season now that there are no little ones around.

I prefer to spoon ladies with wooden spoons from trees cut out of my fence on the farm.

Amazon prime is my preferred shopping mode.  I am done.  Yesterday the final pkg  arrived.  Haven't been to a mall in ages....Merry Christmas y'all.

(I don't know why I'm feeling Christmas-y tonight--it's only October. Maybe because TeeBubba is doing better after a setback. HOORAY! Anyway, I'm answering all these Christmas questions... :>) )

I shop for Christmas online. EBay for expensive items or vintage jewelry and the like. Amazon for books and miscellaneous (check out Amazon Canada for some good deals). Most often I either design things on Zazzle or purchase wonderful handcrafted items on Etsy. 

When I use Zazzle, I usually design what I want well in advance of Christmas, then wait until the items go on 50% off sale. That allows me to give personalized items at a very reasonable price. 

Wait a minute! Am I the Grinch??!




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