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Recently got me a new day labour for the weekends on the farm.  He works hard, brings his own tools, has a pick up, lives 5 minutes away, likes my beer, eats my kolaches and never complains.


Just sometimes I have a communication problem.  You would think after his family has been 141 years in this country he would speak English.

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Yep. A lot of southerners are like that. You just have to accept that you can't understand half of what they say.

(I'm from Aladambama; I can say that '-)
Scotch/Irish is hard to understand after a few beers......
I am my own day labor and I sometimes have trouble understanding myself.
Can anybody help me he keeps saying: Leben eben (be) Sachsen, Oberdorf, Deutchland?
He's leaving, even though his socks are over the door at Donny Deutsch's house.
lmao! Very good Quinn, you are so funny! ;-D
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL




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