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I bought a sofa...divan...couch...love seat....

I haven't had one in 4yrs.  I'm used to it being just me in the LR...and whatever kitty comes to lap.

So, with the idea of company...I bought a 'loveseat'...just enough for two.

Now the quandry is how to fit it "just right" into my design.

I have rearranged the LR 4 times today.

They all look great...but...will they live great?

Ted and Lola think it's just one big smell fest just for them.

Give me some thoughts...not that I'll take them into consideration just so you know.

Set up #1



BTW, do you change around the world you live in?  Is it okay if the bed is moved or your chair changes direction?

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Ummm...yeah..I'm good. ;)
  I have three rooms downstairs. Two are the original house and each measure 12X13.

The kitchen was added in 1812 and measures 12X15. They go straight through, I think they call it railroad style???


This was taken standing in the Dining Room looking into the Living Room. [I forgot, I got a new sofa and chair since this was taken]



Ohhh, radiator. Wonder why they frequently insisted on putting them right underneath windows? Windows sucked (literally sucked the warmth right out). Very cozy Quinn. Warm. Bet that living room heats up real quick when you shut those doors.

I guess maybe when they installed radiators they didn't have storm windows, making that the coldest part of the house, therefore needing heat the most????

Heat experts? Anyone? :-D


Even though they they are not aesthetically pleasing, I love them, they keep the rooms really warm.

Here in the South we call that  Shotgun Style because you could shoot a gun all of he way through the house. Do you have any pictures of the new 1812 addition. I grew up in a house built in the 1820's. It had a lot of character but was cold in the winter. Sometimes I think I would like to live in that house again. These new fangled houses like mine, 1974, just don't have the same feeling.
It's called Shotgun Style here too, P.A.
Turn on the lights...I want details!

This is standing in the Living Room looking into the Dining Room, the Kitchen is beyond the Dining Room.




Seems like mine.  Is yours free standing or a row house? 

I have a sister that lives in Baltimore down on the harbor.  Her row was built around the same time.  Three floors of straight and narrow.

New has nothing on old.

It's a half double [some call them twins]--it's attached to another house.

We think that when it was built in 1760 it was one building and then divided at a later date.


I agree about "old" Jaylee, they can be a pain sometimes--but the character and charm outweigh any of the little annoyances...

Picture a dorm room after the same guy lived in it unsupervised for nineteen years, and you'll have an idea of what my place looks like.


It is paid for, though.

I'll bet it says "you" all over it.  

Still want to  see it  Stir.




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