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Caseyjo, We love you and hope that you're alright!!


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I just poked her on Facebook. Maybe she will poke back, but some people aren't poker backers.

She was on TBD earlier............maybe I should send a note.

Thanks Merry & Funes....I always poke back on facebook..Hugs Merry who has become such a nice friend via Robbie Thanks so much hun.......A friend of mine left TBD yesterday & I was upset. I am also going through hell here at home with the BF who is a drug & alcohol addicted crazy person..I am now taking xanex (new prescription) trying to hang on for dear life.

while I am searching for a new apartment (to get away from the BF) & sending out for applications. I had twelve years clean & sober & fell off the wagon because the bf has been so horrible I drank to get back at him...It didnt faze him, but now I know if I have a drink, I dont need it..it did nothing for me.

In the meantime I have very few places to choose from as far as apt's  because I am trying to stay in a area where I could possibly sell my jewelry, origami, cards, & beaded spiders & what not. MY friend who just left TBD is partly responsible for helping me with these beauitiful new pieces of jewelry....The groegeous things are a joint effort & I want to set up near the flea market downtown sanford which has two apartments near by...One I hear is cockroach infested & has questionable neighbors, but as far as the neighbors are concerned I think I can handle anything when it comes to people except Bob Stepp & his girlfriend who could learn something about a girl named casey who has begged for their forgiveness long enough..I hope after this post of mine I still have friends left here after all the gossip I expect will circulate & all the fun that will be made of me from certain people whos poopies never smell bad....

I know Funes pays no attention to it & I have respected him from the very beginning & he knows it....I have a few more friends like him who like me eventhough I stick up for christians & athiest both on TBD which has left me with fewwe & fewer liberal frienfs & many more Christian ones....Imagine that ( I am liberal)...They listen past the words they dont like & try to understand people even-though they are pretty staunch in their own ideas. I learned a big lesson from them & there are many I love..I have seen them torn apart by many liberals here & if I lose all the liberal friends I have here thats life in the big city. I really do listen & love people  & I have it in the back of my mind to go to church with a few of those Christians I used to dislike so much if they will have me through my steadfast agnosticism & they will most likely do that.....I'm a sort of a kook, but never mean any harm to anyone....ever......I speak my own truth though & I will continue to do so as the rest of you also do & have every right to & is what makes us so interesting.........Maybe a little more forgiveness among Americans could help....we used to be such a good understanding thoughtful race of people from all over the world....Now what is happening ?...I feel sad........Thanks Funes Merry & Robbie & all my other friends who stick by me, play cityville with me & scrabble & a few other fun games....BTW....I have been having some typing trouble, but funny, no reading trouble.......I think I may have always had a touch of dyslexia & I am continuously correcting mistakes...It has gotten mych worse...Mkaes it difficult to leep up with my friends........PS......The lumpectomy is scheduled for this coming Monday the 22nd......The radiation & possible chemo will follow after I heal from the lumpectomy..........Big Hugs Caseyjo.


Aww sweetie, just know that if I could take this one off your shoulders , I would. I like the Dalai Lama myself as I have my share of baggage to lug around. That bad ol ball and chain. You can go anywhere that you have the internet if you're good at photographing your wares. Take a look at etsy.com. You can start a business for under $5 online if you don't mind figuring out the ins and outs of the site. Sorry to hear that the BF isn't being helpful right now. I always felt when I lost my drug addiction that drugs made me a weak person. It was a long road to get back to where I should be. There's plenty of housing here but the snow is extreme and the closest radiation is in Bangor. There's an awesome home for rent a few houses down for $600 a month that looks like something out of an expensive magazine.

Of my two best friends, one is a Bahai and the other is a Quaker. My husband was Jewish and he was my very best friend. Ever.




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