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After a lifetime of being right hand dominant I wondered what I could or should do to maintain use of both of my limbs.  I've heard it said that it's good to alternate use of one's hands to ensure good brain function.   I have a daughter that is left handed...*who knows where that came from*.  She has always said she thinks with the "right" side of her brain.

So, as an experiment along with a willing partner, I entertained myself for 24hrs approaching everything I did using my "non-dominant" hand.  Let me tell you...it was a complete exercise in hilarity..

Try it...for fun...brush your teeth, cut your meat, eat your cereal...put your pants/panties/underthings on using your non-dominant hand for a day.....LMK....post pictures....videos would be great!

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Jaylee? Have Bob explain what dressing left or right means to a man.

I know what you mean, I'm very dominant with my right hand. I look very clumsy doing anything with my left hand, especially throwing a baseball.
He did...:-D After a long discussion about boxers vs briefs..;-)
I thought this was a political discussion and since I never participate in those and I didn't answer. I am right handed but politically slightly to the left.
Being a lefty, I'm already using the "other" hand, so I feel I should be excused from the experiment.

I do use my right hand to operate scissors. I play the guitar (badly) right handed, and batted right handed when I used to play ball. Oh, and I kicked a football right footed too. I tend to hold a coffee cup or glass in my right hand too.....and I operate a computer mouse with the right hand.

A-h-h-h, that was probably too much information, but what the heck, its a slow night!
Is there anything else you use your right hand for Stir ? We'd like to hear more if you're willing to tell us.....lol
I can think of one thing I'm ambidextrious doing.
Good answer.........rofl

Be careful.....
How do we know?
Or has furry palms.

Just hate it when that happens.
That's priceless Jaylee.....rofl
This the quickest and furtherest I have seen a thread go off topic in a long time.




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