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Whats the last song, Tv Vid, or on-line tune you listened to?..If you cant remember, what do you feel like listening to & if you dont feel like listening to anything, what is one of your all time favorite tunes?..Take your pic.....It's Blast it  time in the old TBd music room tonight.... So hit it peeps This is what I just listened to......It's actually on my profile right now.

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Bruce covering a Woody Guthrie song.


Great cover....
LOL........First giggles of the day..That was refreshing
I heard him perform this live a couple of weeks ago, not really a "blast", but damn good!

The tears are sitting gently in the corners of my eyes as they always do when I hear this song.......Bravo

Anyone remember this guy who used to hang out on 6th Avenue in Manhattan?  Blind and dressed as a Viking.


No...He looks pretty normal to me being a Ca. beach kid.......


Yes Funes, I do! My girlfriend went to F. I . T,  27TH AND 7TH. Saw him on more then one occasion, while out on the town.....LMAO!   




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