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What is the difference between your best friend and your BFF?  Are they the same thing?  If I said that spouses and SO's  couldn't be counted, would that change your answer?

Who is your BFF?

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Yes, if you say my spouse couldn't counted, it would make a difference. Since I moved to Florida, I don't really have any friends. Yes, I have my wife, daughter, son in law, grandson. niece and her husband and two nephews that call me grandpa, but friends.... The only ones I have are you guys.

I have friends at work, but I wouldn't say that I'm very, very close.  I'd have to say my BFF is in Nevada.  I rarely see her, but we still talk on the phone.

How you doing T-Bub?

I'm fine eddie. Just think fat and sassy!!

OK, maybe not so much sassy.

Without a doubt my SO is my best friend, but since I can't count her I would have to say I''ve never had a "BFF" as defined. It has been my experience that friends, best or not, tend to come and go as life goes by. Who I counted as a 'best friend' 40 years ago hasn't been a part of my life in a very long time. One of my deceased wife's uncles came to be very close to me over the years and still is, but we are about 800 miles apart....he is in poor health and we don't talk much anymore.

I have a nephew back in Texas who has been like a brother to me all his life. I would have to say he fits the definition as close as possible.

ma frien virgil dun helpd me track ma dog name of arnold that had run away to airazona

Slim, who is your best friend? Also, what does 'BFF' stand for? (I'm not current on tweet lingo.)

As for myself, I had two best friends  I was close to for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, they both died within the past few months. It's very strange not to to able to just pick up the phone and ask "hey, what did you get for 16 across", or

"lets have lunch on the waterfront." I doubt I will ever have another "best friend", they are just to hard to come by.

Hi Michael, BFF stands for best friends forever. I think it's a term usually used by young girls, so it's understandable why you didn't know what it meant. What I don't understand, is why did I know what it meant?

You're just "with it", Man. You know "stuff."

Michael, I don't really like the phrase soul mate, but i guess that's how I'm distinguishing the two kinds of friends.  I have a couple of close girlfriends and I guess I would describe my 'best friend' as the one that I get together with the most often.  One woman and I will go to the movies once in awhile or do something fun, so I think I'd call her my 'best friend' because we enjoy each other's company frequently.  There is another woman that I have known for a long time and we now live in different towns, that is more like me.  We don't have to see each other frequently, but there is never any awkwardness when we do get in touch.  it is as if we reconnect immediately.  I think she is my BFF.

I don't really like using BFF, but it is in such wide use these days.

Ya know what Slim, I don't have a best friend. I'm not even sure I have a friend I care much about at all. I have a couple people who call me their best friend,  but to me they are just well known acquaintances that I care about a little bit. I guess that's supposed to be a sad situation but it doesn't bother me much. Maybe I'm broken, don't know. What do you think?

I don't think there's anything abnormal about being satisfied.  If you're okay with it than it's fine.  I find that I prefer only one or two really close friends to having a lot of superficial friends.  I'm not very good at phoning or all those other niceties and obligations that come with having bunches of friends.

Neither am I, Slim.




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