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Are any of you guys putting away your old standby clothes in favor of, well, more sensible or stylish clothes? 


Its just dawned on me, I haven't worn a wife beater even once this summer.  Its been such a none issue that I didn't even realize it 'til the morning.


Now I'm wondering if somehow, somewhere, I had a "style-chip" implanted without my knowledge.


I always thought I had the physique to wear the wife beater, although in later years others mostly said or thought "e-w-w-w-w, its an old guy with a rounded body and pasty white skin grossing us out".


I dunno, I may come home after working at the rib joint this morning, pull down all the blinds, and sit around in the wife beater and shorts, listening to my one day stubble beard grow and drinking cheap beer and farting and belching.  Oh, and scratching too, and watching ESPN.

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Whenever I see a headline containing the words "old bastards", it calls out to me personally.

I don't have any wife-beaters but I do wear muscle shirts. The little misses hates them and claims our daughters hate them too. I read the "muscle shirt wearing rules" and nowhere does it say you have to have muscles. They are actually cooler than a short-sleeved shirt, one wouldn't think an itty bitty sleeve would make a difference but it does.

Now that I've gotten the toenail fungus under control, I looked for my sandals Sunday to wear to a picnic and then remembered I threw them away a couple of months ago when we had the bedrooms carpeted.

I apologize for the toenail fungus comment.

Happy birthday in advance you old bastard, I know it's coming up in a few days. I'll still be 62.
Lar, its all downhill after you start getting your Social Security. 63 is the new 62.
I have alway had impecable style so I have never worn wife beaters or muscle shirts. Mostly it is coat and tie but some days I let my hair down and simply wear shorts and a tee shirt. Well actually it is more the latter than the former. Right now it is a tee shirt and gym shorts.
Atta boy, PA! You're ready for most social functions in your current attire......or at least by my standards you would be. Uh, you might want to get a female to weigh in on the subject too.....you know, just as a reference point.
Stylish, sensible ???....surely you jest.
Shirt, jeans, boots. Always has been. But, "Bob," you say, "aren't boots hot??!!" No, it's what you get used to, besides wearing boots makes it possible to wear the same socks for at least a week at a time.
Gravity has made it necessary to wear shirts and jeans of a slightly different cut however.
Just doing my best to never need a "man bra".......
Bob, I could see another advantage to those boots.....if you've put on mismatched socks....who's gonna notice?

Ever notice, dollars to donuts, if you wear a pair of mismatched socks, you've got another pair in the drawer just like 'em, ready to wear tomorrow?
In the summer...usually wear linen pants and an Italia soccer jersey. But I found out that linen sleepwear 'bottoms' are cheaper than linen 'pants' so now I wear the pajamas. So far I haven't heard anyone say "Hey that guy is wearing pajamas in public"
Go to Wal Mart....you'll see real pajamas in public, and worse.
I would, but I really don't want anyone taking my picture and posting it on the next edition of "People Of Walmart".
Ain't that the truth, Bob!
Funes, do you you think you could favor us with a picture of you in that get-up? I'm having a hard time visualizing it.
Do we really want to see that??




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