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It's obvious that Labor Day has come and gone.  Some of us decorated for Halloween, some decorated in harvest themes a la Thanksgiving....

...and then there are those who went straight to Christmas.

The stores have their stuff out, do you?

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Is it a little early in the year to put up Christmas lights?

Christmas......seems like only yesterday.

I de-ornamented one tree tonight. (Big Sigh) I got a long way to go. Putting up three trees with the help of the grandchild is one thing, taking all this stuff down with no help is kinda of a bummer. 


Why rush?  We have 358 days to get ready.

2 de-ornamented.

I don't suppose you have enough energy to run over to my house and get up and down the ladder taking the lights off the roofline? What if I say pretty please with fudge on it?

Oh yeah. No problem. I'll be right over. 

Hmmmm, seems I've just broken my new years resolution to quit lying. 

My tree is down and tucked away, but I noticed that they are now making room for the Valentines stuff in the supermarket.

I have tiny candy canes left over, I'll make hearts and pour chocolate in the center for Valentines. Want some?

Just pour the chocolate....forget the candy canes.....

ohhh can i plaese have wite chocolate puored in my candy cany haert Lifesighs???

Yes you may DD!!




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