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Well winter is now here at it officially started at 5:12 AM , Friday, December 21st!

Those of us in the Mid West, may or may not have received a sample of what mother nature may have in store for us this coming winter!

Everyone I have talked to was really, really, wishing for a white Christmas. Well most of us did receive some amount of white stuff. Except for poor Seashelly, over there in Ohio. She's patiently waiting to receive a few flakes, but will most likely receive rain in her stocking this Christmas!

For those of us living in IL, the storm was basically a non event! Two things happened; It stayed warmer than normal and most of the snow melted upon arrival. Then the storm went north into WI and MN with a vengeance. Our daily temps will now range in the teens, with overnight temps even lower! So I no longer have to water the trees we planted this year!

A friend in Milwaukee had received over 14" of snow, and I haven't even heard from our friend in Green Bay.

So it looks as if winter has officially settled in. So it's time to set back and relax. Time for another log on the fire, and more coffee.

Happy Holiday Gang!

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Morning Joyce,

My, that sure sound cold for FL. Have to laugh though, all my snow bird friends that fled down to FL last month. No one has mentioned how COLD it was down there!! - LOL

So try and stay warm my dear!


Good Morning everyone, it's 29 degrees here in Mobile, Al.........high today should be around 59. Brrrrrrrrr and just think two days ago it was 73, but we did have tornadoes...........Al it is cold outside. Everyone have a great weekend now.

Evening Alex,

Yes, we experienced the plundge the other day. We dropped around 14 degrees in less than a half hour, and the wind picked up to a steady 30 mph, with gusts that were over 60!

So we are settling in for a long winters nap! LOL!!!!

Good Morning Weatherites.............it is 43 degrees here in Mobile, Al. high today in the mid 60's. 




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