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Looks like we dogged another winter bullet again...............No SNOW, it went north of us AGAIN!

Yesterday was straing! We started out in the 50's wearing Tee shirts, to heave coats by 6 PM.

Our precipitation overnight in the N IL area has been changing between snow, sleet and freezing rain overnight, with accumulations of 1/4 - 1/2" of ice on trees and roadways, and we didn't loose power! Yet !!

Well, it's 5 AM and the coffee is on and I've already put ice melt on the driveway hill. Will let the salt set in a while before putting a second coat on!

It looks like cloudy and much colder today with flurries or light snow in the morning clearing to partly sunny late in the day. Highs near 27 and lows near 12.

Time for another log on the fire!

And how's the weather in your neck of the woods????



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High today 77/low 62.  Rain tomorrow (hope I can get to town & back before our dirt road is a mess) and gradual cooling until lat in the week when our high is 55/low 38, which is more typical for this part of the country this time of year.  Sunny today though.  Yesterday our son & his son decided to clean up all the pines that beetles have felled so our woods looks much neater.  There's a small hole in the metal roof of the wellhouse where one taller than expected tree landed but all in all, a productive day - for them.  I supervised but their reward, my sour cream coffee cake, is in the oven for today's breakfast.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wow, nice weather.............

Living on a dirt/gravel road can be a challange. As a kid, we use to go to michigan every summer. The place we stated had a gravel road with all sorts of deep holes. I was allowed to use the tractor to fill, tamp, and drag the road. Then people wondered how I learned to drive stick at such an early age. LOL!

Sorry to hear about your loss of trees. At least you have fire wood out of the deal. Hope your able to burn it for heat!

Now, if you were a little closer, I would be tempted to stop by for some home made coffee cake!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Stop by any time - just be sure to ask for directions first.  We're so far out in the boonies that GPS doesn't get us.  It will get you within a quarter mile or so.  We're at the end of 7 miles of dirt road that the couty keeps graded - most of the time.  It's sandy soil so does drain quickly but I like to wait a day or two after a rain.  As for the trees, we have about 80 more pines we want to take out to make room for a big garden.  Beetles are killing them fast.  Our grandson has a truck and may pay for his gas by selling wood - which goes for $75 a rick if you pick it up/$100 delivered.  Thirty years ago we bought wood for $30 a cord delivered and stacked. 

I learned to drive on a back road in Michigan UP where my family went to fish for 2 weeks every summer.  No traffic but lots of wildlife.  What memories.

HI and Good Afternoon!  Yesterday was so nice, enjoyed being out in the backyard and not having the cool and bitter winds around.  We reached 61 yesterday.  It is 42 right now almost at the high for today with 43.  Tonight will have a low of 24 with rain and snow showers.  No big snow storms brewing for us or even light snow this next week.

I wish everyone a nice Sunday afternoon and evening!

Well all I can say is Burrrrrrrr,

Winter has setteled in now! Overnight temp was down to 8 degrees, and our high today will be in the lower 20's, as will be the rest of the week!

Spent an hour getting the ice off the windows on the jeep yesterday. Was not fun!

I hope the rest of you are safe and staying warm!

Cheers! - AL

It is cold Monday morning, Brrrr....25 degress.  I want Saturday's weather back.

Yep, Winter is back for this week, thank goodness we did not get down to the single digits last night.  I thought I would see some snow this morning, but nope no snow.   You sure had lots of ice in N. IL.  Does not sound fun to me either, having to scrape for an hour, GEEZ!  I bet your arm was sore.  

We saw a total of 1.70" of rain from the weekend.  We still have two flood warnings.  The Maumee River at Waterville and Grand Rapids.  Those towns are about fourty five minutes SW of me.  I feel bad for those folks, sounds like basements are getting flooded.  

Have a nice day, and a great week!


I would agree with you on that! Burrr!!

Wow! Glad to hear that you folks received some rain, however it's to bad to hear some people are having problems with flooding.............

Well yesterday we dodged another major storm, it went south of us so southern IL and IN got hit along with TN and south!

The remaining of the week continues to be a daily temperature rollercoaster till the weekend. Saturday may see 40 degrees?? Then we head into next week with the coldest temps we've seen heading to -6 to -10 degrees by Tuesday!

Burr, I just shiver thinking about it!!!

Cheers! - AL

Good Morning Al,

Today we will be above freezing around 37.

Had our tree stump removed. So Saturday is the best day to move all the mulch to the backyard, hopefully it will help and will prevent the weeds from growing.  Seems odd that we will be throwing mulch down in January.

Looking forward to Saturday's warm up!  I get a brain freeze just thinking about how cold it will be next week. LOL!  Stay warm and have that firewood ready.

That's one of my to do tasks.... I have 5 stumps left to grind up. But I think that will wait till the spring! In one case, I might burn it! Still splitting fire wood!

Ya, the warm up will be nice. They clarified the weather for next week. Earlier this AM they reported it was going to go down to (-) temps next week. Well that not really true! we will only be going doen to single digits. Guess they were not awake this morning.

Have a good week!

We're about ready to join the rest of you in winter - however briefly.  Rain today off and on, may get snow tonight when the front comes through, back into the 50s for a high tomorrow with all day rain then.  Crazy weather.

Coffee was on at 4:30 AM, logs on the fire at 5 AM.

The IL snow prarol is on stand down today, as the temps will be in the 40's this AM. As the temps tomporrow are going down into the single digit temps, I expect the "Snow Flake Patrol" will once again be out looking for any snow flakes coming down! - LOL

In the meantime, we remain "Snowless" - AL





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