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 OK, now Where is My Snow??? What has happened to winter??

OK, it is now December 27th. We've been under two sever weather forecasts, and all we have received is .3" of snow so far this yr! It just isn't fair.

It really isn't "Winter" unless we have some snow!! I want to have some snow so I can play with the grandkids in the snow! - LOL! It's just not fair!

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GrandPaGardener, I hope you get some snow soon.  I know how you feel, I was wondering to on where is Winter?  I hope you get some snow so you and your grandkids can play outside in the snow!


Good Morning Weatherites..............no snow here........54 and partly cloudy, high in Mobile 64, low tonight 43. Dropping off some coffee and doughnuts for my friends........have a great day now.


Ladgy, Well it looks like you have some nice weather for this time of year!

Thanks for the Coffee and Donuts! That will be another pound on the holiday scale! - LOL


Good Morning Weather Buds...............

Well it's January 3rd, and I'm still looking for the snow??? - LOL!

During the past 10 days, the weather had gotten more like winter with daytime temps in the 30's and overnight temps in the single digits and upwards into the teens, and our lawns and gardens have finally gone to sleep!.

This morning they reported we received a "Dusting" of snow last night. I was looking for the dusting of snow early this AM as I took out the refuse cans and didn't see any.  Who knows, maybe someone kidnapped Dusting overnight??

Now the next few days will remain in the 30's, however, next week the temps are going to ramp up into the 40's and possibly a 50 degree day by Wednesday!! (Time to break out the shorts!!!!!)

We are now well into our winter season, and if weather continues as it has so far, I would predict we are in for a much warmer winter season.

And how is the weather in your neck of the woods!


Still no snow GrandPaGardener?  I am looking forward to these 40's coming for next week.  I still am not real sure on the having a warm winter?  So far I think it has been a cold winter.  The start of December was kind of on the warm side....but now just cold and no snow storms.  I guess we are going to have our Winter thaw coming for next week?




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