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Good Morning Wether Buds....

Well here we are, it's January 9th, I'm still in N IL, it's 5 AM and it's 42 degrees outside!

We've set a new record here in IL with 320 days without a 1" snow fall! The grandkids are still looking for snow!!

The temps today will be going upwards of mid 40's, with the 50's on Fri and Sat!!

Then they are predicting SNOW on Sunday!! I Don't think so!!!!! - LOL!

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Morning Sailspinner, Iceman,

Can't believe it, as it's 47 degrees this AM and ALL the sonw and ice is gone!!

Tomorrow it's going to 62 degrees, with Wednesday then back to the 40's. Where are my shorts!!

Good Morning Chief!

Looks like our crazy weather is going to continue for another day! All I  can say is yesterday we had every type of weather you could imagine. The most unusual was we had thunder and lightning while it was snowing...........

Now for today, it's already 58 degrees outside @ 6AM and we are going up to 65 degrees along with 1-2" of rain. I'm glad it's not colder as we could have ended up with 18" - 24" of SNOW, and I don't feel like shoveling that much! LOL

Now the BAD news is, we are going from the mid 60's today to the low 30's tomorrow with SNOW!

So, I'm going out for breakfast this AM and take one of the Corvettes with and enjoy the nice weather. Then it can go back under cover till the warm weather!!!

OK Weather Gang, how is Mother Nature doing in your neck of the woods????


Hi Weather Friends!!  There sure have been lots of replys to this discussion.  We have had thunder and lightening allready today!  Just so crazy......ok now what month are we in?  Oh right, we are in January...almost forgot! LOL.  

It is 38 degrees at 8 am......with fog.  Fog should burn off around 10 am. We will warming up to around 57 today and even warmer tomorrow, WOO HOO!!  

Sounds like Al, is having a fun morning cruisn in his corvette! 

Cheif, Sounds like your weather is quite warm!  Glad to hear you will be getting some snow, which means much needed moisture for the farm fields.  

Have a great day everyone!




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