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Well the calendar says it's January??? Have I fallen asleep for a couple of months???

Well it's January 8th with temps in the mid 40's with temps later in the week going well into the 50's.


If that wasn't enough, we are now looking at heavy thunderstorms with lightning and hail later on in the week!


Now, what is happening in your neck of the woods weather wise??

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I just heard we will be having a very warm Saturday, with a high of 58 degrees.  These yo-yo temps are crazy!  I am seeing allot of our snow starting to melt, still have to wear my snow boots when I am walking in the backyard, there is nothing worse than having wet socks and tennis shoes.  

What day GrandPa are you suppose to have the thunderstorms?  I have not heard of thunderstorms for us?  Just some showers for Saturday.  Unbelievable weather, the jet stream is pushed so far North, that we are having our January Thaw!  Changes are going to come next week with "normal winter weather".

 Hello Joyce, Seashelly, Chief!

Joyce, Glad to hear that your temps will getting back to normal. I'm tired of hearing all my friends who migrate to FL for the winter wining about the cold weather! - LOL

Seashelly, Yup, it coming............. Friends in Denver said it was 50 in DENVER if you can believe that! The next 2 days will be in the 40's, Fri & Sat will be in the 50's with upwards of an inch of RAIN. If it was cooler, we could be looking at a foot!, like 12" of the white stuff!!!!

Chief, agree with you 100%. I don't care if it rains, or snows, but we really, really, really need the water to recharge our aquifer. Our rivers are down to all time lows, our creek is still basically dry, and the Mississippi river is down so low, barges can only be filled 50%. If you can believe the weather folks, we will see around an inch of rain later on in the week!

Cheers Everyone!

That is really something to have it so warm in Denver at this time of year.  If you did get your foot of snow, you could finally take the grandkids and go sledding.  I just know you are bound to get some snow sooner or later.   I hope you will get some moisture soon in Missouri and Chicago! Have a nice evening GrandPa, Joyce and Chief!
I wish the rest of the group a nice evening too!




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