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What will your weather be like when the clock strikes Midnight?

In Ohio we will have a cold cloudy night with a low of 21.0 degrees.  Stay Warm tonight!

I wish everyone in America, United Kingdom and New Zealand a very Happy New Year! Cheers,Michelle

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Hi Chief, You have a great plan on staying indoors.  We are going to a party at my Mom's, she is making dinner. Looking forward to spending the Evening with my family.    Have A Warm New Years!


We're at 7 degrees right now, but it should hit minus 1 by midnight tonight and then further minuses by morning.  Snow on the ground currently.  It's definitely brisk and skin-biting cold out there.  Relaxing by a cozy warm fireplace indoors where I'd rather be anyway.

Good Morning Weather Buds............

Well I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I'm a little late in getting up this AM. Can't understand why, as we didn't get home till 3 AM this morning..................

Well Susan, it sure sounds COLD where you are! We are at 7 degrees early AM, but it's going to only get into the low 20's today!

It looks like winter is here to stay! 20's during the day for the remainder of the week, and low teens at night, with no snow in sight!

The grandsons have sleds and no snow anywhere close by. So I guess it will be wait and see. Meanwhile the kids don't understand what those big disks are for??? - LOL!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

Good Morning Susan and Happy New Year!  You had the perfect plan and staying home by the nice warm fire!  I am not ready for that bone chilling weather,  Thank you for replying and posting this pretty graphic.  Have a nice day!

Good Morning Weather Family!  We had some snowfall last night, only had about 0.1" of snow.  Roads were fine driving home, thank goodness!  Our first day of the New Year is 25 and sunny.  

Happy New Year To All!




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