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One of my cats, Reina, tends to be pudgy. Her weight fluctuates up and down by about 2 lbs. The other one is pretty normal as far as weight goes. Three years ago the vet suggested a low calorie dry food made by Hillman. So they both consume this: about a cup a day. Both are active, but Reina is still the heftier of the two. I don't want to put her on a diet more because I hate dieting. Anyone else have a hefty cat or one the vet says should be on a diet? 

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My cat Michael was HUGE--tall and hefty. He was about 18 inches tall and weighed 22-24 pounds. When he got a bit older and had put on a few pounds, the doctor did suggest that I try to get them off. Of course, especially with cats, the weight loss has to be slow. Fast weight loss seems to trigger renal failure, which is so prevalent in domestic cats. So he did lose 2 pounds over a long period, and the doc was happy with that. Michael was on a low-calorie wet food to help keep his fluid intake up.

Here's my huge boy snuggling into his fleece in his chair. 

Recently at the vet's Reyna weighed in at 15 lbs which was a decrease of about 3 lbs in a year. Her blood work is normal and the vet doesn't seem concerned. She still eats the low cal dry food but also the wet and some treats occasionally. She seems okay. I guess I'm overreacting.





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