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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, sunshine!Enjoying the sun.

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Here's a sweet shot of one of my rescue babies, Siris, interacting with his bird video.

He looks like my  Tabitha! Hopefully he has more teeth. She had most of her teeth removed earlier this year because of severe gum disease. hasn't stopped her from eating though! LOL!  Bird videos....clever idea! We have the real thing but neither cat is that avid about sitting in the window bird watching 

Unfortunately, Siris had feline leukemia and died at 5. But that was a very happy 5 years, especially because he had been a feral kitten and would have died far younger. I loved him and miss him. He was a very sweet, brave, and special boy.

Yeah, he LOVED his bird videos. You should give 'em a try! They can be found online.

This is my baby, Bijou.  She was a feral rescue, she had a progressive neurological disorder which left her unable to ambulate, incontinent of urine and feces...BUT, she still played and ate and showed intense interest in looking outside or snuggling with our other cat.  We carried her to the litter box and held her upright so she could use it without falling over.  This is her on my laptop when I left the room for a moment to get something to drink.  She was the most docile, amazing little creature I have ever known. She was euthanized on the 9th because her quality of life was so impaired.  She would have been three next month. Can you tell that I am grieving?  Sorry if this isn't appropriate.  

Oh, I understand completely! I'm so sorry for your loss, ellevan.

Bijou was a beautiful baby girl. I know from experience how the little ones who are impaired shine so brightly! Their determination to be happy, joyful, and loving, no matter what the challenges, puts humans to shame.  In the picture, you can see Bijou's sweet, love light radiating outward to everyone around her. 

I'll hold her, and you, in my heart with the precious memories of my many feral babies who are gone on. ♥

She's only gone from the material world but will reside within you as long as you live. 

Thank you for your kind words.  I have lost cats in the past...our home burned in 2014 and three beloved cats were inside...they all died of smoke inhalation.  I promised myself I would not allow myself to bond with another cat the way I bonded with them.  One was 19, one was 9, and the youngest was 6.  I did not think I would EVER stop crying and not a day goes by that I do not think of each one of them.  Bijou stole my heart, she was just so unusually sweet.  I don't think anyone who "met" her could keep from falling in love with her, I miss her terribly.  I will work on some happier shots.  Her "brother", Binx misses her terribly.

Thank you for the comment.

Here is a photo of Binx taken this morning.  I have some sewing supplies in that little case...he took it over like he was planning to run away...

Noooo…probably asking to be trained to sew but he'll be disappointed becasse you need thumbs for that. LOL!

Haha! Binx says, "I have ways around the whole opposable thumbs thing, Mommy!"

In a week or two it's probably going to be like the shoemaker and the elves up in there. ツ

What a spectacular photo, beautiful cat!




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