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Happy New Year, friends!

Here's hoping it brings you a peaceful mindset and some prosperity, too!

Do you make resolutions?  Have you ever kept any of them?  Do you have some big event coming up during the year, or are you planning a major life change?


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i gave up on making resolutions, but i do think this will be the year that i do my long-desired Old Route 66 trip!  probably in August, on the way home from conference in San Antonio.  later this month, when i'm back from Denver trip, i'll get serious about the planning.

My resolution this year is to make every day a new year, wake up with a positive attitude and to count my blessings.  I wish all of the best for all of you.  Fill your year with love and laughter

I am excited about meeting Lynn in a couple of weeks, that is going to be fun

Am going to an art show on Friday evening, one of my clients has a piece in one of the galleries.  It is called first Friday and all of the art galleries along Santa Fe are open, and it is like a party...so that is my first time doing that.  I guess one of my resolutions is to do things I have not done.

:-) Hope your day has been good.

yes, blessings are many, when we stop to count them.  i am determined never to become a whiny crabby old lady who can only complain about what i don't have or didn't get.  if i ever get to that stage, please, somebody either smack me upside the head or else take me out and shoot me!

LOL  Rest assured no one will be taking you out and shooting you Lynn.  Besides I can't imagine you becoming a whiny crabby old lady.  DON'T prove me wrong either!!!  lol

yes, sir!

Happy New year friends!  I hope this year is a year is special in good ways.

Good Morning Moosies..............thallygal, Lynn, robbie, Kathy and all others that come this way. No resolutions this year.............just living life as it comes.

Morning all,

Lady G thanks for the donuts and coffee this am...am heading to work...am staying positive....is a blessing I have a job so I

can live...LOL

Have a great wednesday filled with love and laughter

hello, all!  ning was giving me fits earlier, but seems to have settled in now.  for a while, anyhow.

first "real" day of the new year went fairly well, no bills in the mail but no checks, either.  of course, i wasn't actually expecting a check, but it never hurts to hope....

in a week, this time, i'll be in a hotel somewhere between Kentucky and Missouri, weather permitting.  if there's a bad storm, i'll just have to wait it out, but for now, no storms predicted thru Friday 11th, and at that point, i'll be in the Denver area.  this might just work!  (Thalia, i have other plans for friday nite, but am hoping to see you Saturday evening!)

ok, it's friday now.  couldn't get back in here yesterday evening at all....

sunny and cold here, but it's apparently been warm enough for the trees to think spring is coming, i'm seeing the swelling on the end of branch tips that says they're forming buds!  February is supposed to be brutal with the jet stream dipping 'way low into the south...i can hardly wait!  NOT!

and now it's saturday nite.  hello?  anybody home, or are you all locked out again?

I am here now.  No reason for being away.  It's been a slow day with the lack of organization and accomplishment.  Can you say feeling guilty?

35 degrees all day and dry.  Yay for dry.  I anticipate snow this winter but so far the ground hasn't been cold enough for snow to stay.

Sunday is Crystal's birthday marking another year of life survival.  I swear that gal is so busy all the time I am feeling at least 10 years older than I am from your accounts of your day Crystal.  shame on you!!  ;-)




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