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Hear that? It's the sound of shellshocked Tea Party conservatives at a loss for words. Not just their usual incoherent pyschobabble, but actual stunned silence. 

It's so sweet.

Soon enough they'll be back with their racially tinged conspiracy theories and their manufactured outrage at the loss of "liberty and freedom" and "taking our country back" language that continues to lose them elections.

No matter how many ways and how many times Ohio Sec. of State, John Husted, tried to limit black and brown peoples access to the polls, they would not be denied. They stood in line with their white brothers and sisters as stoically as they stood in line some 47 years earlier after the passage of the Voting Rights Act. Threatening billboards, advertising with the wrong election date, fired Democratic election officials, and radically redrawn voting districts made little difference, except in a few House races.

How does no1toolmkr feel about that? Who is the president now? Can you tell me the full name of the candidate who swept all battleground states save one? Who was it who won the presidential election in Ohio?

Governor Rick Scott in Florida faired no better than John Husted. His cynical ploy to limit early voting resulted in such shameful voting conditions, that his state, like many others refused to allow international observers primarily because of the embarrassment it would cause him. We, in the USA, are supposed to be the model of this democracy stuff we try to export to other nations. Instead, we can't even sustain the scrutiny of the international community. It's sad, and it's shameful.

The good news is that the nation clearly chose which vision and path forward for the nation they prefer, and it is the one I agree with. They recognize that this transformational leader is grounded in what the nation likes to think is its traditional values. Again, I agree. That's why I worked on his campaign. To believe in America, one must believe in America's people. Twice now, the people have overwhelmingly chosen Barack Obama. Thank God.

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Very well put Vernon. However in only about two months the Tea Party and its followers have regained their voice and it is the same one word they know so well, NO.




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