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1. The check is in the mail

2. Of course I will respect you in the morning
or depending who you are talking to
No I will not cXX in your mouth

3. I am from the government and I am here to help you

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"I'll do it in a couple of minutes"
I have to work until late tonight"
"I'm with my boss in a meeting"
I'm a great lover"
"you won't regret it"
"I'll call you tomorrow"
I can put more but I will run out of paper!! hehehhehe..have a great day.
Now all of them may not be lies. Take "I'm a great lover" you would not say you were lying would you? Me at 70 am now just a great lover of food and a connoisseur of beautiful woman
I have money in the bank.

Of course the check is good.

I'm rich. Will you go out with me?

My Lambourghini is in the shop. Can we take your car?
And then there's the Emo Philips line:

"I'm a great lover - I bet."
1. Just a minute. I'll call you right back.

2. Don't worry dear. I'll take care of it.

3. That's nothing. Consider it done !
Hmmmm. You must live in Illinois!
Yep, I was thinking exactly that!
"The dog ate my homework."

"It wasn't me!"

"No, officer, I wasn't speeding."

"Of course I have three degrees."
"Our service person will be out there first thing in the morning."

"If you loan me the money, I promise to pay it back."

"We'll have this job done in no time!"
"Of course it's brand new...it's still in the box."

"This check is good. I'm going to the bank to deposit some money to cover this check."

"This car is in perfect shape. Never had a problem with it."
No, that dress doesn't make your butt look fat.
"I'll meet you at 6:00 sharp."

"I'll only drive your car a few miles."

"I'll fill your gas tank."




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