What you are about to read really happened.  This is one of the most bizarre events in the annals of science. I was about to make scrambled eggs for breakfast this past weekend. Upon cracking open an egg,out plopped, not one, but two yolks.  Count them: One Two.  After recovering from my initial shock and  nearly fainting, I screamed for my wife who came running downstairs from our bedroom.  She was in disbelief and awe and after calming down took some photos of this anomaly in the bowl.  Needless to say, I have preserved the two yolks in a sealed Tupperware bowl since the reporters from newspapers and TV stations never responded to my wife's pleas to witness this phenomenon.They must think we made this up.  We are still waiting to hear from agencies that we have submitted E-mails to regarding what I call my "Miracle in a bowl."

     My wife has E-mailed letters to the National Academy of Science,the Federal Department of Agriculture,the Food and Drug Administration, the Smithsonian Institute,the National Institute of Health, Emeril, Rachael Ray,and Paula Deen.  I have decided on a more practical approach regarding the double yolk extraordinary event.  I have submitted E-mails to McDonald's,Oscar Mayer,Ripley's Believe it or Not, Ihop, Dennys, Jimmy Dean,and Big Bird. My wife feels Steven Spielberg should be notified too.