I had my yearly physical last week and was afraid my family doctor would scold me for not following his recommended healthier eating and exercising. My basic nutrition comes from McDonald's,Wendy's.Burger King,Pizza Hut, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Nathan's,,plus every other fast food chain and ice cream imaginable .These foods are balanced with the greasiest fried Chinese and Italian foods either taken out or eaten in restaurants. I was shocked when my doctor said I was in excellent health.In fact, I had lost a few pounds. My X-rays,and every test he did on me was great and my recent colonoscopy was perfect. My concern was waiting for my blood test results bit he called two days later to say the test results were fine. Even my triglycerides and cholesterol were well within normal standards. My doctor was very pleased and his exact words to me when he called was "keep doing whatever you are doing." As soon as I got off the phone with him,I Johnny Rocketed out the door to my local supermarket and picked up a box of Ring Dings and Devil Dogs, 3 bags of BBQ potato chips,a box of Keebler fudge cookies, and 2 half gallons of Death by Chocolate ice cream.