Last Sunday, my wife and I celebrated our 27th anniversary...or was it our 26th? Let's see ..1985...yeah 27th. I think...whatever. Anyway, I awoke early on that Sunday and after kissing my wife who was still half asleep, I said to her. "Honey, you stay in bed while I go make breakfast." She managed a smile,though still barely awake.
I quietly walked downstairs from our bedroom, so as not to wake her any more. Without rattling any pots or pans, I took out my favorite frying pan where I proceeded to cook three large scrambled eggs I had mixed in a bowl, dexterously combining them with some ham and mushrooms I heated in our microwave. I timed a raisin bagel perfectly so it got toasted just as the the omelet I masterfully created was done and spread on some butter and grape jelly. My wife loves raisin bagels. I poured some ready made iced coffee into a large glass and placed it on the kitchen table. I thoroughly rinsed out the teflon coated fry pan and put it on the rack by our sink to dry.
Then I carefully carried the ham,mushroom, and egg omelet to the kitchen table. I sat down and leisurely looked at the Sunday paper while enjoying every bite of my breakfast. After finishing my meal, I washed and dried every utensil and dish and went back upstairs where my wife was just getting out of bed. I said," I'm going into the den to watch TV. The kitchen is all yours, dear."