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'I'm having a delayed reaction". That's what I told my wife about 24 hours after I had a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvic area the day before. I was experiencing some dull aches in that area and my doctor advised me to get this CT scan which fortunately showed nothing alarming. When I was getting the CT scan, a dye had to be injected through an IV and the technician said I would experience a feeling of warmth and flushness . But that never happened.
Now driving on a highway, a day later, I could feel this uncomfortable increasingly warm sensation in my groin area. It got so burning hot I kept looking down at my pants and told my wife I would have to pull over. It was then she realized the heated seat I was sitting on she had put on HIGH. Goodness Gracious. great balls of fire. !!

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I can imagine that must have been an uncomfortable sensation to experience,

thank heavens there was a logical reason for it to occur.

Over here, one of our local and very popular eateries 

is called `Fish On Fire" where, just to think of partaking

of a meal of this succulent, fresh fish can bring your mouth to water -

however, if there was a restaurant named `Great Balls Of Fire'

it could give rise to a prospective customer to wonder

if what was on offer to eat was in fact, too hot to handle !




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