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I was off from work during this past Christmas week as was my wife and she wanted to go to the movies to see Les Miserables . We got to our local movie theater a half hour or so early  and already there was a fairly long line . Standing at the end of the line with my wife, a young woman approached me and asked if this was the end of the line as the line had just turned the corner. I replied."No, this is the beginning,we're all standing backwards." She stood speechless for a moment, then startled to giggle.

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It's a good thing that young woman could see the funny side of things,

otherwise you may have ended up a tad `Miserable'...

Hopefully we got better seats than  her. Ours were decent,a tad past middle of a fairly small theater..but other folks had no choice but to sit in the front rows if they joined the line late.I had that experience only once and strained my neck looking up..yet some folks choose the first couple of rows..Les Miserables was ok. I knew most of the music and prefrred the stage singing TV broadcasts than this movie. Also, I see Russell Crowe as a gladiator or going after gangsters in his movies..certainly not singing his lines..still ..I'd recommend the movie if you like non stop singing.I didn't see all the Oscar nominated movies this year.I liked Argo. Thanks for response. MARK




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