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Or a great big, heavy-duty plastic bag, like you get when you buy linens from Bed Bath & Beyond or someplace, lol.

I use them to put in my off season quilts/bedspreads and such or to store blankets  or other things in and they fit nicely under the ed out of the way.  I love getting them!

Lol. I actually do save the occasional box because I have things I mail to the kids for birthday, etc. I am getting ready to ship my nutcrackers to their new homes.

Been there, done that lol!

Always tempting...the road to hoarder's heaven.

You have touched on one of the major sources of discord in my marriage. Josi is perpetually berating me for storing empty boxes, but that doesn't stop her from asking me to find one for her when she needs it.


LOL...I can SO relate to this Helen!! 




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