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dog days of summer

steam rises from baked asphalt

cool shade now our treat

cool mountain refuge

respite from asphalt and steel

quiet fills his soul

sky eating hilltops

bleating cicadas bleak drone 

numbs burning sidewalks

splashing silently

swirling pools tongue dives in

Chianti cures heat


dirt on your hands, pumped

thin film of perspiration

you are summer heat

brave or foolish act...

dive-bombing the cat's kibble

kamikaze moth

sudden wind-lashed rain

blue and white pottery shards

pink blossoms scatter


lanky lucky kid

summer distant the springboard

warm sweaty mem'ries


tall and broad shouldered

clambering onto the dock

brown as a berry


he laughs without thought

made of florida sunshine

my boy of summer

I love your work, A.  Takes me with you every time.
It's mutual. XOXOXOXOXOX

your broad brown shoulders
the sheen of sweat on your skin
the curve of your thigh

moist wind tousled curls
your hot sweet breath on my neck
you exude summer




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