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Little herb garden

on a tiny balcony

pleases with flavor

Simple Pleasure - A Beautiful Sleep


Sleep of the dead or

something much less ominous

sleep of the tired

Simple Pleasure - Riding A Bike


Life-long fetish this

two wheels and the wind can't wipe

the smile from your face

the simplest of times

quality time just with you

cherish our moments

open doors, windows

sunlight pours into the room

ahhh.... red leaves, fall breeze.

i sit at your feet

you read to me quietly

and caress my hair

snuggled together

sweet scent of honeysuckle

blanketing our bed


separate from me

i watch you with such delight

being who you are


your face beams with joy...

enthralled by emma and kate

and loving them so

lost in daily toils

we sometimes forget what's small

grateful for this day

White peaches sweet
Zucchini squash and eggplant
Bountiful harvest.

Lovely and evocative, Ramon. I can taste summer!




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