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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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What did you love most

in your Life contemplated

She who loved me back

I don't want to die

my heart, my soul unfulfilled

Love being unspent

I relate so much.

to love and be loved
all hearts and souls yearn toward this
not all achieve it

70 today...
how many years must i live
bereft of your love

whirling in the dark
pretending i'm in your arms...
six minutes of joy

My heart aches for you, Draughn.

over time i've been
building my castle of love...
you are my reason

"Leonid & Friends"--a cover band made up of Russians and Ukrainians who love classic American R&B and pop and want to spread peace, love, and solidarity through music. 

heart and soul unlocked
our love is written in stone...
an eternal flame

i've been here before...
over and over again
coming back to you

I'll search for you through countless lifetimes. I love you.

all day and all night
distract myself as i might
i'm somewhere with you

I was listening to your lectures tonight for the zillionth time just to hear your voice. In one, this song was playing in the background while you and the students talked and laughed, busy discussing a survey. My heart leapt at the secret message of your constant love.

I can't stop loving you. I can't "move on." You were my destination in this life and living is meaningless without you. 

my arms are open
my shining daydream calls you
welcome to our world

we're star-crossed lovers
joined like heathcliff and cathy
for eternity

a long time coming...
lay down your heavy burdens
soon you will be free




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