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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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wandering fool

I evade obvious truth

final fantasy

Hooray! Glad to see your haiku again, Daddieo! I feel it. Also, cool image. I never played FF, so I don't know the pantheon of characters. I appreciate the visual style, however.

how i empathize...
i've lived in a world of love
unknowingly blind

hello Daddieo !

great to see your posting here

hope to see you more .....

if you're happier
then i'm happy for you too
i love you darling

i see you shining...
waiting for our time to come
you and i again

magical spirit
irresistible as wind
brilliant as diamonds

our nation of two
just loving and being loved
no things we don't need

when it's all too much
i'm still your sanctuary
the one who loves you

tears flow in torrents
the warm salt seas of the heart
flood an empty world

where are you my soul...
the earth and sky are silent
the sun hides its face

i can't stay away...
drawn like a moth to the flame
of the fire we make

The songs you sent me always had a message. Always eloquent. Always perfect. You played this at the beginning of one of your lectures. I smile as I listen to it.

I wonder if you would play it for me now...

tell me how you feel
do you wish that i was there
but have been afraid

i'll come and get it
if you can't let go your head
love's never in doubt




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