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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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 ~a bearing presence

new moon gesturing gift

songbird flutters near~

A beautiful traditional haiku, Risha. Thank you for this! 

dew on summer lawns~
memories of embracing
and being embraced

you hold me so close
our heartbeats reverberate
our bodies tremble

your lips devour mine
starving for the nourishment
only love can give

precious minutes left
before another parting
which will be the last

you peer into me
needing to see certainty
needing to believe

it's there in my eyes
eternity stretching out
whatever happens

your tears wet my face
a sweet smile of gratitude
and just one last kiss

"until then, my soul"
you whisper, rising to go
my heart goes with you

you stand uncertain
broken shards of blue and white
curtains whipped by wind

wherever you go
no matter how long it takes
i'll find you again

of three thousand miles

a barrier is made sure

how flies my sad heart

Beautiful and poignant, Daddieo. 

across barriers
the heart flies on wings of hope...
the door stands ajar

giving him some space
room to breathe beneath the weight...
the least i can do

all places the same...
anywhere that you are not
never sees the sun

Exquisite, SayKath--poignant and joyful simultaneously. Thank you.

love stronger than death
time powerless to part you
eternally one

hello and goodbye
our hearts break time and again
our souls see us through

goodbye and hello
a never-ending circle
of love triumphant




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