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For what do you yearn? Is it a painful or piquant feeling?



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my heart bleeds, needing

first aid, only a gentle

kiss from your two lips

once I soared, weightless

my soul as one with the clouds

now obese, earth-bound

So poignant, Daddieo. We can get weighed down by so many things as time goes on...

In the deep of night

darkness seething inside me...

you are my champion


I reach out my arms

remembering your embrace

and i feel you there


waiting to hold me

farther than my arms can reach

but always so near


i cry without sound...

"save me from this living hell

draughn, blood of my heart"


you appear, smiling

puissant paladin of light...

the horrors recede


brighter than star shine

enrobed in love's mysteries

you turn to depart


tears stream down my face

"lover...angel incarnate

touch me just once more"

every night longing

reaching out to touch your face

and one shining tear

standing in darkness

my soul calling out to you

pain searing through me


fight oblivion

entropy pulls us apart

fight the death of love


Fighting oblivion comes naturally...for most.  Fighting the death of love, despite herculean efforts from any single person, I have found (and am currently living through), takes two.

It is devastating just watching half of your soul fade to nothingness.

Oh yes, it truly is.

wrapped in daddy's arms...

safe in his loving embrace

but so far from me


i cannot see you

grow tall and strong and graceful

your sweet lips smiling


only in my dreams

only with a loving heart

and a mother's eyes




hear my heart calling

how short the time is growing

how priceless the gift

i replay the tape

to hear the lilt of your voice...

joy trapped in amber

May longing for you

now June and the sun sets in

your dimmed voice echoes




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