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The world is currently suffering the wages and collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there have always been and will always be difficult times of many varieties on a global or personal scale. Write about them here. 

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angst and dread rampant
uncertainty rules the day
but this too shall pass

Easter service on ?

we will all have to attend

alone together

Hahaha! Good to see you, M! I love the image "alone together" evokes. I must admit to having to look up when Easter is this year. ツ

congregants in masks 
celebrants in hazmat suits
captain trips easter

(Tongue-in-cheek reference to "The Stand."  ツ )

greetings our dear A

some have practiced this better

than others we find

gen y and gen z
call it "boomer remover"
ooooh, you'll get yours kids!

those over 60 :

stand strong ye survivors !

we have fought much worse

Man, to lowly bat,

I'm the Paragon of Life.

Bat, meet my virus.

a flying menace

infecting humanity

driving us batty

Hahaha! Talk about mindful! It's so nice to see you, PTB, and thank you for the laugh (and simultaneously sobering thought ツ).

laughter amid angst

fifty years doesn't change things

washing your hands never died

and now we have learned

that we have done it all wrong

what is that dang song?

GREAT to see you, Daddieo!! I'd been wondering how you've been. Thanks for your presence and wonderful haiku. It feels like a party here with you, PTB, metub4, and BellaG (who posted under "Lovers") all here! Hooray!!!




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