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To fathers past, present, and future.

And for me, to my own father, long gone; to Michael, my long-time love and the father of our son; and to My Beloved Draughn--one very, very special father of daughters...I love you and honor you all.


(Daddy and me)

Happy Father's Day!

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grand canyon dimples
eyes that sparkled with mischief
hands to remember
my lone memory
of seeing him the last time
we met in the woods

it was Spring, new growth
mushrooms were sprouting sparsely
always beaming smile
I can see you two, M.

my last memory
lima beans and pizza lunch
a hug and a kiss

I was going to take care of my dad's home when he went to his vacation place in CA. He invited me over and served me...oh, Baby... lima beans and pizza for lunch. He was so proud to have made it himself, it made me smile and happily choke down all those carbs. I won't forget it.

I never saw him again. He died unexpectedly in CA. That was 29 years ago.
all we have now are memories and I hold them dearly
has been 29 for me also, dear A. sometimes seems like yesterday and other times like forever
I know we will cross paths again. miss him greatly
hoping my boys will appreciate me now and not later. not doing too well to date at it though
lima beans and pizza - sounds like good combo will have to try it :>)

I just called him Dad
rarely told him I loved him
I showed it, he knew
Amazing, Dear M., that it's been the same number of years. I know what you mean about feeling recent and remote. My dad was always at sea, and so I have, somehow, been waiting for him to come home all these years. Strange.

I'm sure we'll both see our fathers again.

I called him, "daddy"
often told him i loved him
but he didn't know...
To you, My Darling D., the best father I have ever known...

father of daughters...
you have built a foundation
that will never crack

the years fly faster...

when i see the end in sight

i look for your smile



it's hard being "Dad"

hard being hard not Mom soft

it's lovin' hard, too

WELCOME, Daddieo! 

Thank you for this. And thank you for doing a tough job. It must be so difficult always being "where the buck stops." I think women tend to forget that aspect of being a man...I've tried to relieve the men in my life of that burden, when possible.

"Dad love" is certainly indespensable.


loving 'til it hurts...

weeping when the kids can't see

smiling when they can



Beautiful...and thank you.

Welcome Daddieo

nice to have new perspective

write on my brother

my Dad was a cop

my Father was Santa too

he lives forever




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