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To my someday family...I love you now and forever.

in dreams i greet you
my arms and heart open wide
sorrow fades, joy reigns
our hopes and our dreams
fodder for our yearning souls
perdure without fail

this fuel strengthens us
the moxie that is required
to stand steadfastly
yes, to stand, steadfast
letting the storm pass over
watching for blue sky
hope springs eternal
budding optimists flourish
look for positives
our floating hope boats
sailing on uncertain seas
seeking sheltered ports
seeing what is real
accepting failed perfection
can lead to new dreams
believing in love
knowing that honest feelings
are what matter most

looking beyond fear
beyond broken promises
to the greater good

vowing to be real
to be fearless in pursuit
of the heart's great truth

this is the model
that teaches what's important
the key to real hope

Open Pandora's Box,
That evil comes flying out.
Hope. The last evil.

Cynical? Maybe.
But not from where I see it.
Hope's a sand castle.
if we have no hope
we're only devoted slaves
to unchanging fate
Lust "frees" my body,
Gluttony "frees" my hunger --
Hope's just fantasy.
hope is intention
intention precedes action
action creates change
Beautiful, DD....I absolutely agree. "To abandon hope forfits opertunity...
cast yuor lot with change." Perfect.




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