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Getting Our Gay On Rules of Ejection

Although I’d like to believe it won’t happen here, I think it would be best to have open, structured, consistent policy for dealing with name callers, religious fanatics, and other types who may show up to bug and berate us. I’m going to apply the same guidelines I used in business: three strikes, you’re OUT!

First I want to say that I may be more tolerant than the group would like. If someone comes here in what feels like good faith and states, for instance, STRONG religious objections to homosexuality, I will probably allow it. When, however, they are reduced to calling offensive names (e.g., “All FAGGOTS are going to hell!”) OR it becomes clear that they are NOT here to discuss issues civilly; they are here simply to harangue or bash us, here’s how it will go:

  • I will remove the offensive statement, and, ultimately, give two written warnings. I will post the warnings in the affected discussion so that there can be no dispute that they were given.
  • On the third offense, the member will be ejected from the group.

That’s it.

Please notify me if you find something a fellow member says offensive. I’ll listen, consider what you say carefully, and have a dialogue with you; however, the decision will, ultimately, rest with me and my conscience.



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